Pew to Field

Partner 10:15

Cheat Sheet from Pew to Field – When A person(s) senses that 

God is calling him/her/them to the mission field.

7 Steps to the Mission Field with Partner 10:15

  1. Talk with your leadership about your feeling of being called.
  2. Invite Partner 10:15 into the process of helping you.
  3. Church Leadership Interview & Candidate interview by Partner 10:15.
  4. Candidate Application – Include Terror Clearance & Theological Questions, References and Church Information.
  5. Church Confirmation Form (confirming candidate as their missionary).
  6. Reference Confirmation (3-5: School; Business; Family; Friend).
  7. Approval by Partner 10:15 Board.

Commissioning Service/Covenant Signed / Achieving Goals

Church/Candidate/Partner 10:15

Steps to Achieve Goals

  1. Commitments.
  2. Church visits or pays for Partner to visit 1x per year.
  3. Church, Partner volunteer, Partner board call 1x per month min.
  4. Partner provides counseling as needed by facetime. 
  5. Emergency visits considered at church/missionary cost (travel expense).

    Partner has seasoned Biblical Counselors available to travel.

Missionary Packet

  1. Creation of an extensive Country Research booklet by Missionary.  

Free to use the work of others.  Be sure it is up to date.

       Use whatever persons/resources available. Search out past missionaries!

  1. Cost of Living & 1st year set up budgets.  1st year will generally be more than following years.
  2. Modes of Transportation & Cost?
  3. Modes of Communication: internet & telephone availability (and cost); USA VPN necessary?
  4. Medical Facilities & degree of care.
  5. Weather profile/precautions/clothing.
  6. Cultural clothing & expat expectation.
  7. School options for children in the family. Cost?  Preparation?
  8. Religion Profiles.
  9. Government Profile.
  10. Currency & Banking; income & sales tax.  We have a free accountant who works wonders!
  11. Can you be legally employed in this country? 
  12. Do you have a marketable skill in this country (tent making & community doors). 
  13. Is it legal to share the Gospel?
  14. Laws (& realities) governing ex-pats (foreigners living or working in the country)?
  15. Ex-pat Facebook groups?  There may be Christian Ex-pat Facebook groups.  

Always use caution with these groups. 

  1. Missionary connections in the area/country?
  2. Maps.
  3. What is the language(s) commonly spoken there?
  4. Is English widely spoken? Will you need language lessons? Sources?
  5. Water availability & sanitation?
  6. Security concerns & resources (US embassy; US military presence)?

     Sign up with Step.State.Gov to get safety notifications for your country.

  1. Housing Options & Costs?
  2. Common Diseases. Any meds you should bring with you to prevent or initial care?

      Countries that have these diseases will usually have low cost options but you may have      other preferences.

  1. What do you need to bring with you that you may not be able to find there.. at first.

      If there is a large expat presence, you will find that some of your wants can be found!

  1. Include transportable comfort foods for transition!  It takes time to get the lay of the land.
  2. Country Needs: What might open doors for the Gospel?
  3. Is there a compact item that will make you feel at home that you can take?  Ex. Tablecloth
  4. Shipping Options….we would recommend buying in country under most circumstances.

     What kind of luggage will you be able to bring by airline.

  1. Required Reading List & Suggested Reading List (& audio resources). Church & Partner

(We are working on that for the Partner side.)  We will take recommendations also!

  1. Prayer Partnership assignment (church & partner).  An outside prayer partner provided.
  2. Accounting & Legal: 
  1. W-4/Estimated Tax payments?  (Our free accountant can help with this.)
  2. Passport.  Everything takes longer post Covid.  Don’t take chances with this. 
  3. Visa.  What type of visas are available, cost, requirements, lengths available, time to get approval?  Don’t take chances on this. It can be troublesome to renew visas in country.  Consider getting the longest visa you can “multiple entry”.  Some countries require you to leave every 90 days (or other).  This is expensive and has to be planned for and considered in the budget.
  4. Banking? Mobile Money option? ATM options.  We recommend SCHWAB for free ATM.  Can discuss. 

    International money transfers…bank wire; Western Union, WISE, World Remit?

    Countries vary by what system works best for fast emergency money.

  1. International Communication 
  2. Medical Insurance.  We recommend SAMARITAN MINISTRIES.  You can help us by letting them know we (Johnny Touchet) recommended them.  We can discuss with you.
  3. Life Insurance?  Hard to get if you live in a 3rd world country!
  4. Savings Plan/Retirement.  Do it!
  5. Required Vaccines?  Investigate necessity & safety for each individual (age/medical).

Passport Travel, AFC Urgent Care or other (search) provide international yellowvaccine cards.

What are COVID testing requirements for your flight, entry country, exit country?  These change constantly!  What options do you have to fulfill requirements? Cost?

  1. State side Power of Attorney & emergency contacts. Co signers for US bank accounts.
  2. Mission side emergency contacts.  

Who can your family contact if they haven’t heard from you.  

Who (more than 1) will you call if you need immediate help.

  1. Emergency exit strategy 
  2. IGO “reimbursement” form (sample).  Bookkeeping matter…we can help.

We have a free accountant who works wonders!  Please let us introduce you.

  1. Personal Docs: Medical Clearance; Financial Statement (privacy considered); 
  2. Self-Evaluation: skill sets, emotional, spiritual, physical stamina, mental, medical, education, life experiences
  3. Communication: Newsletter; Supporter Contacts (start collecting & get permission to send newsletter); Prayer Card; Phone; Computer/tablet;

Some phones work better in some countries.

  1. Social Media; Fundraising (check; Mailchimp or other for newsletters:

      Power of photographs & video.

  1. We welcome recommendations and we are always looking for contacts/connections.