Partner 10:15

Welcome to Partner 10:15!

Partner 10:15 is a ministry that partners with the local church to help them send their own missionaries to the mission field.  We also partner with international churches (Uganda, Barundi, and Mexico) to train pastors and plant healthy churches all over the world for the glory of Christ by educating, equipping, and empowering the local church.


Educate – Equip – Empower

Since the establishment of large denominations and associated mission agencies we’ve discovered that some local churches feel unprepared to select, equip, send out and support a missionary directly from their church. This is where Partner 10:15 would love the opportunity to assist the entire church, its leadership and membership in guiding their selection of a missionary (if requested), assisting them in preparations to successfully send their missionaries, equipping that individual with our available resources, and providing support, counsel and care as needed at no cost.

Training Attendees
Pastor Training 2023
Jan 2023 Brittain, missionary to north unreached people group in Uganda

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